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Biosimilars And Follow-On Biologics: World Market 2013-2023

PUBLISHED: 30 April 2013
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Biosimilar drugs – discover trends and areas with highest revenue potential

Do you want to find the sales potential of biosimilars? Visiongain’s updated report gives you revenue predictions for those biological drugs from 2013, helping you stay ahead. There you find financial data, R&D trends, opportunities and discussions of prospects.

In that work you see forecasted sales to 2023 at overall world market, submarket, molecule and national level. You also assess emerging trends, technologies and expected products.

You see what shapes that industry and find its revenue prospects

Discover, then, what the future holds for biosimilars (follow-on biologics, follow-on protein products). Read on to scan features of that industry and see what its future market could be worth.

Forecasts and other analyses show you the best commercial areas

In our study you find revenue forecasting to 2023, historical data, growth rates and market shares. There you assess quantitative and qualitative analysis, business news, outlooks and developments (R&D). You also gain 113 tables, 66 charts and two research interviews.

Many opportunities exist for those competitors of original biological drugs (biologics). You discover areas most likely to prosper. Finding data you need has just got easier.

The following sections show how you benefit from the new analysis.

Discover sales predictions for the world market and submarkets

Along with revenue prediction for the overall world market for biosimilars and related agents, our work shows forecasts from 2013 to 2023 for its individual submarkets:
• Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
• Insulins – with sub forecasts for human insulin, fast-acting and long-acting analogues
• Interferons – with sub forecasts for alpha and beta interferon
• Erythropoietin (EPO)
• Filgrastim
• Somatropin
• Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

The new report shows you revenue potentials of those biopharmaceuticals, helping you find opportunities to develop your business.

Also our investigation discusses what stimulates and restrains sales of those subsequent entry biologics. There you explore that industry, seeing what products can achieve the most success.

Discover sales forecasts for prominent therapeutic molecules

Our study forecasts revenues of prominent biosimilar agents at molecular level:
• Rituximab
• Infliximab
• Trastuzumab.

There you discover how high sales can go, to 2023, with individual forecasts. You see what’s happening, understanding trends, competition, challenges and opportunities.

Our study also divides its overall world forecast into those for geographical regions.

Leading national markets – where will highest revenue growth occur?

Developments worldwide will influence that follow-on biologics market, especially rising demand in emerging countries – e.g. China, India and South Korea. See how and where.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for twelve national markets and one regional block:
• The US
• Japan
• The EU and its leading countries – Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain
• The BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China
• South Korea.

There you discover progress and outlooks. You assess the biosimilar industry’s future – hear about developments and find their significance. Our work explains, exploring crucial issues.

What affects that biopharma industry and market?

The new report discusses issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2013, including these developments:
• Considerations for developing biosimilars
• Guidelines from the FDA expected in 2013
• Other regulations – including EMA and MHLW – with their effects on producers
• Challenges in developing biosimilar mAbs
• Collaborations for follow-on drug development.

That study also discusses other aspects of the field, including these:
• Developments in technology to aid biosimilar production
• Incidence and prevalence of diseases affecting demand for the treatments
• Economics stimulating demand for substitute biological medicines
• Biobetters as rivals of biosimilars
• Patent challenges and data exclusivity
• Outsourcing to gain expertise in pharma biotechnology.

That way you explore technological, economic, social and political (STEP) questions, assessing outlooks for that area of business. You also analyse that industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Discover, then, what the future holds.

Leading companies and 2017 market value

From 2013, product launches there hold great potential for investment, uptake and revenues. Our study predicts the world market for biosimilars and follow-on biologics will reach $8.8bn in 2017, and multiply in size to 2023. See how high its revenues can go.

You assess what biosimilar technologies, products types and companies hold most potential. Our analyses cover these and many other developers and producers:
• Sandoz
• Hospira
• Mylan
• Pfizer
• Merck & Co.
• Boehringer Ingelheim
• Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
• Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

In our report you find 210 organisations mentioned. Also, you read two interviews with authorities in the industry. See what shapes it, discovering what participants do and say.

Anyhow, from this decade onwards there will arise many opportunities. Prospects for those rivals of established biologics are strong. Our work shows you technological and commercial possibilities for those substitutes, helping you stay ahead.

Nine ways Biosimilars and Follow-On Biologics: World Market 2013-2023 helps you

In particular, then, our investigation gives you the following knowledge on the topic:
• Revenue to 2023 for the world biosimilars market – discover that industry’s overall sales prospects
• Revenues to 2023 for world-level submarkets – investigate the potential of its components, finding the most promising areas for investments and revenues
• Prospects to 2023 for leading biomolecules – find biosimilar revenue forecasts for top therapies
• Forecasts to 2023 for leading national markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia – discover the best regions and countries for revenues and potential growth
• Activities of leading companies – hear about participants’ strategies, capabilities and outlooks
• Discussions of R&D – investigate progress in the industry, finding technological, medical and commercial possibilities
• Interviews with authorities in the industry – discover thoughts to help you stay ahead
• Competition and opportunities – see what affects that market, learning what shapes its future, esp. prospects for developing business
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains that pharma segment – assess challenges and strengths, helping you compete and gain advantages.

You gain information found nowhere else

That work gives independent analysis. There you receive business intelligence found only in our report, seeing where prospects are most rewarding.

With our new study you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See there how you could benefit your research, analyses and decisions, also saving time.

Discover potential now in the biosimilars market and find what you can gain.

See commercial prospects from 2013 by ordering now

Our investigation is for everyone needing to assess the future of biological drugs. There you find data, trends, opportunities and predictions. Please order that report now.

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