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Autonomous Commercial Vessel Market Report 2019-2029

Technology Forecasts by Autonomy Submarket (Level 5, Level 6) With Regional and National Analysis, Plus Profiles of Top Vessel Manufacturers & Other Companies

PUBLISHED: 29 November 2018
PAGES: 143

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The latest report from business intelligence provider Visiongain offers comprehensive analysis of the global Autonomous commercial vessels market. Visiongain assesses that this market will generate revenues of USD $1.35bn in 2019.

Now: Rolls-Royce announced a partnership between themselves and Google to make ships smarter and self-learning.

This is an example of the business-critical headline that you need to know about – and more importantly, you need to read Visiongain’s objective analysis of how this will impact your company and the industry more broadly. How are you and your company reacting to this news? Are you sufficiently informed?

How this report will benefit you
Read on to discover how you can exploit the future business opportunities emerging in this sector. Visiongain’s new study tells you and tells you NOW.

In this brand-new report, you find 126 in-depth tables, charts and graphs, all exclusive to this report.

The 143-page report provides clear detailed insight into the autonomous commercial vessels market. Discover the key drivers and challenges affecting the market.

By ordering and reading our brand new report today you stay better informed and ready to act.

Report Scope

• Global Autonomous commercial vessels Forecasts From 2019-2029

• Autonomous commercial vessels Submarket Forecasts by Submarket 2019-2029
• Level 5 Forecast 2019-2029
• Level 6 Forecast 2019-2029

• Regional Autonomous commercial vessels Market Forecasts From 2019-2029
• North America Forecast 2019-2029
• Europe Forecast 2019-2029
• Asia-Pacific Forecast 2019-2029
• Rest of the World Forecast 2019-2029
• South America Forecast 2019-2029
• Middle East Forecast 2019-2029
• Africa Forecast 2019-2029

• Country Autonomous commercial vessels Market Forecasts from 2019-2029
• USA Forecast 2019-2029
• Canada Forecast 2019-2029
• Mexico Forecast 2019-2029
• Norway Forecast 2019-2029
• United Kingdom Forecast 2019-2029
• Poland Forecast 2019-2029
• Germany Forecast 2019-2029
• Rest of Europe Forecast 2019-2029
• China Forecast 2019-2029
• Japan Forecast 2019-2029
• South Korea Forecast 2019-2029
• Rest of Asia-Pacific Forecast 2019-2029

Autonomous Commercial Vessel Market Report 2019-2029

• Analysis of The Key Factors Driving Growth In The Global, Regional And Country Level Autonomous commercial vessels Markets From 2019-2029

• Profiles of The Leading Autonomous commercial vessels Companies
• Rolls-Royce
• Kongsberg Gruppen ASA
• Mitsui OSK Lines
• L3 ASV
• Yara International ASA
• Automated Ships Ltd
• Wartsila
• ABB Ltd

How will you benefit from this report?
• Keep your knowledge base up to speed. Don’t get left behind
• Reinforce your strategic decision-making with definitive and reliable market data
• Learn how to exploit new technological trends
• Realise your company’s full potential within the market
• Understand the competitive landscape and identify potential new business opportunities & partnerships

Who should read this report?
• Autonomous commercial vessels companies
• Autonomous software specialists
• Defence contractors
• Shipping contractors
• Systems integrators
• Technologists
• Component suppliers
• R&D Staff
• Investors
• Government agencies
• Defence ministries
• Senior executives
• Business development managers
• Marketing staff
• Banks
• Market analysts
• Consultants
• Industry associations
• Government

Visiongain’s study is intended for anyone requiring commercial analyses for the autonomous commercial vessels market and leading companies. You find data, trends and predictions.

Buy our report today Autonomous Commercial Vessels Market Report 2019-2029. Avoid missing out by staying informed – get our report now.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government
CCR Ref number: KD4R6

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