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Automotive Glass Market Report 2017-2027

Volume & Value Forecasts ($m) by Type, by Application, by Vehicle Type & by Region Plus Analysis of Leading Companies Developing Passive & Active Smart Glass Including SPD, PDLC, Electrochromic Glass, Switchable Glass, Solar Control Glazing Technologies and Polycarbonate Substitutes

PUBLISHED: 05 April 2017
PAGES: 177
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Are you looking for a definitive market report on the $17.7bn automotive glass industry?

You will receive a highly granular automotive glass market analysis report segmented by region, by application and by type, providing you with that complete industry outlook, essential for your business strategy.

Automotive glass is perhaps one of the overlooked components of a vehicle which is taken for granted. However automotive glass contributes to the safety, stiffness and even road handling of a vehicle. In recent years, the trend towards fuel efficiency & light-weighting, driven by regulatory mandates to meet CO2 targets, has meant that automotive glass has been experiencing regular technological advances. Furthermore, rising global vehicle production, increases in the concerns over passenger safety, comfort & luxury, has resulted in newer glass technologies being developed and introduced.

Key benefits

Discover where the automotive glass business opportunities are
• 164 tables, charts, and graphs reveal market information allowing you to target your strategy more effectively

Understand how the automotive glass market will develop?
• Global, regional and automotive glass submarket forecasts and analysis from 2017-2027 illustrate the market progression

See which applications of automotive glass will expand with Volume (Square. metre) & Value ($m) Forecasts from 2017-2027
• Windshield Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Sidelite Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Backlite Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027

Learn which vehicles will benefit the most with Volume (Square. metre) & Value ($m) Forecasts By Vehicle Type from 2017-2027
• Passenger Car Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027

Find which types of automotive glass will thrive with Volume (Square. metre) & Value ($m) forecasts from 2017-2027
• Laminated Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Tempered Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027

Analysis of emerging smart glass & other new technologies
• Passive Smart Glass
• Active Smart Glass
• Suspended Particle Devices (SPD)
• Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC)
• Electrochromic Glass
• Switchable Glass
• Solar Control Glazing Technologies
• Polycarbonate Substitutes

Locate the regional and national automotive glass market opportunities from 2017-2027
Asia-Oceania Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027

• China Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Japan Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• South Korea Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• India Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
Europe Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Germany Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027,
• France Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• U.K Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Spain Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027

North America Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• U.S. Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Mexico Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Canada Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
Other World Countries Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Brazil Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• Russia Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
• South Africa Automotive Glass Market 2017-2027
Automotive Glass Market Report 2017-2027

Evaluate the factors influencing automotive glass market dynamics
• Porters Five Force analysis explores the factors.
• Impact of new smart glass technologies
• Competition of substitute materials
• Technological issues and constraints.
• Supply and demand dynamics
• Effect of regulatory mandates

Discover who the leading automotive glass companies are
• Examine competitive positioning, capabilities, product portfolios, R&D activity, services, focus, strategies, M&A activity, and future outlook.
• Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC)
• Central Glass Co. Ltd
• Corning Inc.
• Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.
• Guardian Industries
• Magna International
• Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG)
• Saint Gobain SA
• Webasto SE
• Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited

Who is this report intended for
• Automotive OEM’s
• Glass Companies
• Automotive Glass Suppliers
• Smart Glass Specialists
• R&D Staff
• Head Up Display (HUD) Companies
• NPD Specialists
• Polycarbonate Companies
• Aftermarket / Replacement Glass Companies
• CEOs
• Asset managers
• Heads of strategic development
• Marketing staff
• Market analysts
• Procurement staff
• Company managers
• Industry administrators
• Industry associations
• Company procurement departments
• Analysts and consultants
• Managers
• Governmental departments & agencies

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