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Artificial Lift Systems Market Forecast 2018-2028

Forecast by Type (Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), Rod Lift, Progressive Cavity Pump, Gas Lift and Other Pumps including Hydraulic Pump & Plunger Lift), by Area (Onshore and Offshore) AND by Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South America) PLUS Profiles of Leading Companies in the Artificial Lift Systems Market

PUBLISHED: 08 February 2018
PAGES: 187

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Visiongain has calculated that the global Artificial Lift Systems Market will see a capital expenditure (CAPEX) of $12,087 mn in 2018. Read on to discover the potential business opportunities available.

Artificial lift systems are employed when the natural drive energy of the reservoir is not strong enough to push the oil to the surface. These systems enhance pressure within the reservoir and recover more oil production. Most of the wells that initially facilitate natural flow to the surface, demand for artificial lift systems once the pressure starts depleting over time. Some of the major types of artificial lift systems include an electric submersible pump (ESP), rod lift, progressive cavity pump, gas lift, plunger lift and other pumps.

From the approximate one million oil and gas wells producing in the world, around 5% flow naturally – leaving nearly all of the world’s oil and gas production reliant on some form of efficient artificial lift systems.

Most of the oil and gas fields operating currently have been in production for decades. They are either matured or at the end of their production life. With the demand for oil and gas increasing, there is a pressing need to develop additional production capacity in order to sustain the current level of consumption growth. The challenge of meeting an increase in demand for oil over next two decades may seem daunting unless the productivity of existing wells is increased, or new production sites are established.

Rise in exploration and production (E&P) activity from unconventional wells, increase in drilling activity, the need to improve recovery rates from mature oil fields are some of the factors driving the demand for artificial lift systems.

Visiongain’s global Artificial Lift Systems Market report can keep you informed and up to date with the developments in the market, across six different regions: North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and South America.

With reference to this report, it details the key investments trend in the global market, subdivided by regions, capital expenditure and equipment. Through extensive secondary research and interviews with industry experts, visiongain has identified a series of market trends that will impact the Artificial Lift Systems Market over the forecast timeframe.

The report will answer questions such as:
– How is the Artificial Lift Systems market evolving?
– What is driving and restraining Artificial Lift Systems market dynamics?
– How will each Artificial Lift Systems submarket segment grow over the forecast period and how much sales will these submarkets account for in 2028?
– How will market shares of each Artificial Lift Systems submarket develop from 2018-2028?
– Which individual technologies will prevail and how will these shifts be responded to?
– Which Artificial Lift Systems submarket will be the main driver of the overall market from 2018-2028?
– How will political and regulatory factors influence regional Artificial Lift Systems markets and submarkets?
– Will leading national Artificial Lift Systems market broadly follow macroeconomic dynamics, or will individual country sectors outperform the rest of the economy?
– How will market shares of the national markets change by 2028 and which nation will lead the market in 2028?
– Who are the leading players and what are their prospects over the forecast period?
– How will the sector evolve as alliances form during the period between 2018 and 2028?

Five Reasons Why You Must Order and Read This Report Today:

1) The report provides Forecasts for the Artificial Lift Systems Market by Type, for the period 2018-2028
– Electric Submersible Pump (ESP)
– Rod Lift
– Progressive Cavity Pump
– Gas Lift
– Other Pumps (Hydraulic Pump & Plunger Lift)

2) The report also Forecasts and Analyses the Artificial Lift Systems Market by Area from 2018-2028
– Onshore
– Offshore

3) The report Forecasts and Analyses the Artificial Lift Systems Market by Region from 2018-2028

North America
– U.S CAPEX 2018-2028
– Canada CAPEX 2018-2028
– Mexico CAPEX 2018-2028

– UK CAPEX 2018-2028
– Norway CAPEX 2018-2028
– Russia CAPEX 2018-2028
– Rest of Europe CAPEX 2018-2028

Asia Pacific
– China CAPEX 2018-2028
– India CAPEX 2018-2028
– Indonesia CAPEX 2018-2028
– Malaysia CAPEX 2018-2028
– Thailand CAPEX 2018-2028
– Rest of Asia Pacific CAPEX 2018-2028

Middle East
– Saudi Arabia CAPEX 2018-2028
– Iran CAPEX 2018-2028
– Qatar CAPEX 2018-2028
– UAE CAPEX 2018-2028
– Rest of Middle East CAPEX 2018-2028

– Nigeria CAPEX 2018-2028
– Algeria CAPEX 2018-2028
– Angola CAPEX 2018-2028
– Rest of Africa CAPEX 2018-2028

South America
– Venezuela CAPEX 2018-2028
– Brazil CAPEX 2018-2028
– Argentina CAPEX 2018-2028
– Rest of South America CAPEX 2018-2028

Artificial Lift Systems Market Forecast 2018-2028

4) The report includes Drivers and Restraints affecting the Artificial Lift Systems Market

Artificial Lift Systems Market Forecast 2018-2028

5) The report provides Detailed Profiles of The Leading Companies Operating within the Artificial Lift Systems Market:
– Baker Hughes Inc.
– Halliburton
– Schlumberger
– Weatherford International
– General Electric
– Dover Corporation
– Borets International Limited
– National Oilwell Varco
– Aker Solutions
– Novomet
– BCP Group Artificial Lift Inc.

This independent 187-page report guarantees you will remain better informed than your competitors. With 177 tables and figures examining the Artificial Lift Systems market space, the report gives you a direct, detailed breakdown of the market. PLUS, Capital expenditure by type, area and region, as well as in-Depth analysis of leading companies in the Artificial Lift Systems market from 2018-2028 that will keep your knowledge that one step ahead of your rivals.

This report is essential reading for you or anyone in the Energy sector. Purchasing this report today will help you to recognise those important market opportunities and understand the possibilities there. I look forward to receiving your order.

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