‘On-Demand Mobility Market Will Experience Exponencial Growth’ Says Visiongain Report

06 September 2018

The modern economy is radically changing, set off by developments in the emerging markets, high speed of innovation, sustainability concerns and changing consumer mentality about car ownership. Increasing automation, digitization and rise of new business models have transformed other industries, and the automotive industry will not avoid these changes as well. These factors stimulate the growth of the disruptive trends like autonomous driving, connectivity, shared mobility and electrification.

On-Demand Mobility is growing at an unbelievably fast speed and changes the underlying premises of how we live our lives, travel, consume or relate – as a result, nothing will be the same as it used to be. Innovations in services and products are capitalising the market at unprecedented speed. New players move into the automotive segment, industries come together and the future of the mobility, as a whole, will see an era of hasty innovation.

The automotive industry is under big pressure on all fronts and is in front of extraordinary disruption scenario. The travel mindset is moving towards on-demand mobility services. Consumer behaviour is changing and consumers will more and more demand the vehicle that is equipped with service-oriented functionalities – consumers staying online all the time at any place. And finally, consumer mentality is switching from product-oriented towards service-oriented, where car features, as a product, are less important than technology features that customers experienced in other life strata.

The visiongain author of the 195 page Automotive On-Demand Mobility Market Forecast 2016-2026 report commented that:

“The on-demand mobility market gains popularity as it decreases household’s transportation costs, increases transportation options, reduces emissions and congestion, as well as decreasing the dependency upon fossil fuels. Fuelled by these factors, the on-demand mobility market will grow at an exponential rate facilitating the change of consumer behaviour.”

The 195-page report contains:

• 203 tables, charts and graphs analysing the On-Demand Mobility market;
• Overview of the On-Demand Mobility by type of sharing and service provider type;
• Global On-Demand Mobility Market Forecast 2016 - 2026 and analysis of drivers-restraints;
• Global Forecast of 6 individual On-Demand Mobility Submarkets by connectivity and service provider type covering the period 2016 – 2026;
• Global Forecast of members and vehicles as well as major trends for the 2016 – 2026;
• Barriers analysis of the Global On-Demand Mobility Market;
• An exclusive interview with an industry expert: RideLink
• On-Demand Mobility Forecast and analysis of the 20 leading National Markets for the 2016-2026;
• Profiles of 25 leading players in the on-demand mobility market.
In greater detail, we provide:
• The Status of the On-Demand Mobility Market in 2015-2016 including:
o The most notable developments in On-Demand Mobility Market
o Overview of the Drivers & Barriers within the On-Demand Mobility Market
o Examination of the On-Demand Mobility Market during 2016;
• Segmentation of the On-Demand Mobility Market into 2 types submarkets:
o By Type of Share into Round Trip, Peer-to-Peer, Free floating, Station based, Carpool, and Vanpool
o By Service Provider into Carshare Companies, Automakers, Transportation Network Companies;
• Market Value Forecast of the global On-Demand Mobility market (revenues $bn) throughout 2016 to 2026 coupled with:
o Analysis of the micro, macro and regulatory drivers of growth in the market;
o Identification of the restraints & the challenges that the market faces until 2026;
• Market Value ($bn) Forecast 2016-2026 of the two Submarkets along with:
o Individual examination of drivers and restraints of each secondary submarkets
o Allocation of Submarket shares in the global On-Demand Mobility Market for 2016, 2021, and 2026 respectively;
• Market Value Forecast ($bn) of the On-Demand Mobility Market in the 20 leading National Markets: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and Russia;
• SWOT analysis of each one of the individual On-Demand Mobility Submarkets;
• An exclusive interview with an industry expert: RideLink
• Profiles of the leading companies within the On-Demand Mobility Market comprising 7 major Automakers, 5 Transportation Network Companies and 13 Leading Carshare companies:
o Analysis of their role in the On-Demand Mobility market and overview of their portfolio (up-to-date) with regards to mobility
o Company financials (Group Revenues, Profits or Capital investment) and
o Assessment of their membership and on-demand mobility services (where available);
• Conclusions;

The Automotive On-Demand Mobility Market Forecast 2016-2026: Carsharing, Ridesharing and e-Hailing By Type of Share (Round Trip, Peer-to-Peer, Free floating, Station Based, Carpool, Vanpool) By Service Provider (Carshare Companies, Automakers, Transportation Network Companies (TNC) report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the automotive industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the On-Demand Mobility market.

For sample pages and further information concerning the visiongain report Automotive On-Demand Mobility Market Forecast 2016-2026: Carsharing, Ridesharing and e-Hailing By Type of Share (Round Trip, Peer-to-Peer, Free floating, Station Based, Carpool, Vanpool) By Service Provider (Carshare Companies, Automakers, Transportation Network Companies (TNC) please visit

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