LNG Market Share Reports & Forecasts


LNG Market is rapidly growing due to increasing LNG adoption when compared to alternative energy sources. This brings many of it’s connected markets’ growth; Visiongain assesses that the Floating LNG spending will reach $11.7bn in 2019 and LNG Carrier Market will see a CAPEX of $11208 mn in 2018. This means that industry leaders and businesses need to make key decisions to ensure future growth. Increasing focus on gas pipeline infrastructure/development and decreased LNG prices and regulations are several of the reasons for such growth. The team at Visiongain knows that the energy sector can often be volatile, which is why we provide up-to-date intel designed to help your firm make the tough decisions in the years ahead.

Our comprehensive LNG market share reports and forecasts are compiled by today’s leading industry experts using the most current primary and secondary sources available. This means you can rely on us to provide you the facts and data required to develop long-term planning initiatives and reach your quarterly objectives.

The Visiongain LNG Market reports include revenue forecasts, analysis of leading companies, main drivers and restraints, submarket analysis for :

  • Small Scale LNG Market
  • Floating LNG Market
  • LNG Carrier Market
  • Global LNG Compressor Market
  • Small & mid Scale LNGC & LNGBV market
  • &more

Each of Visiongain’s in-depth LNG market share reports is delivered in an accessible PDF format, with additional Excel data available upon request. This makes it easy to home in on exactly the market segment, service, or application your company specializes in. Our team is also equipped to provide comprehensive reports and forecasting on specific market segments within the LNG industry, as well as geographical locations and country reports.

To find out more about our LNG market share reports or request additional data, call us today at +44 (0) 207549 9987 or 00-1-646-396-5129 in the U.S. You can also contact us online!