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Waste Management Market

Improvements to The Waste Management Market in Developing Nations May Help Fight Climate Change

23 March 2020
Waste Management Market

It is increasingly agreed that global climate change is a problem, and one which will need to be addressed by industries around the world - including in the waste management marketplace.  Under the Paris Agreement of 2016, 127 party governments agreed to take steps to reduce their carbon emissions and improve recycling programs, but this still leaves a significant gap in terms of global participation.  In particular, the developing world is seeing major challenges in terms of preventing ecological damage, and in the future, it will likely be a focus for waste management market players looking to implement greener processes.

The Problems with The Waste Management Marketplace in The Developing World

In developing and emerging economies, such as those of Southeast Asia (SEA), approximately 80% of their waste is still being put into open-air dumps, and other forms of disposal which would not meet regulations in developed countries.  In addition, those with water access are increasingly dumping garbage into the ocean, leading to significantly elevated plastic levels in the marine ecosystem.

Such poorly managed waste is leading to serious risks to both the environment, as well as the health of citizens in these nations.  Nor is this problem likely go away soon.  Current estimates are that by 2025, 70% of global waste will be generated by these emerging economies.

Adding to that is the tendency of industrialized nations using these developing states as a dumping ground for their own waste, especially electronic waste.  This is a wholly unsustainable practice.

Eco-Friendly Waste Management Opportunities in The Emerging World

This overall situation is bad, but not unrecoverable.  The waste management marketplace is increasingly viewing these developing economies in terms of the opportunities they present and investing in greener facilities within those nations.

For example, a large new waste processing facility recently opened in Meknès, Morocco.  Designed specifically to meet the needs of emerging local industry, this facility is an all-in-one waste disposal and recovery center.  It features robust materials sorting, integrated logistics, and multiple methods of recovering biological waste including a composting facility with biogas production capabilities.

Initiatives such as these, deployed across the developing world, offer genuine opportunities for the waste management marketplace to fight global climate change, while also improving the quality-of-life for local residents.

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