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Visiongain Publishes Explosives and Propellants Market Report 2020-2030

06 June 2020

Visiongain has launched a new report Explosives and Propellants Market Report 2020-2030: Forecasts by Type (Propellents, Explosives), by Application (Commercial, Military, Civilian, Safety), by Propellent Type (Gun Propellent (Single Base, Double Base, Triple Base), Rocket Propellent) PLUS Profiles of Leading Companies and Regional and Leading National Market Analysis.

The lead analyst of the report said: “The Explosives and Propellants market is expected to grow at a higher rate as compared to the commercial segment. Explosive is made through several materials including nitrates, amines, and peroxides and contains a large volume of energy to cause the explosion. The explosion is usually accompanied by sound, light, heat and pressure energy and is composed either of one substance or a mixture of more than one substance. Explosive is used for various applications including commercial, military, civilian and safety, One of the most prominent commercial applications of explosives is mining. Mining applications primarily use nitrate-based explosives.

Explosives are divided into two categories namely primary explosives and secondary explosives. Primary explosives have a high degree of sensitivity to initiation through shock, friction, electric spark, or high temperatures and explode whether they are confined or unconfined. While secondary explosives are generally more powerful than primary explosives and can not be detonated readily by heat or shock.

Propellants are classified based on their application which includes guns or rockets. Gun propellants are categorized into grain size. Larger guns require a large grain size and take more time to burn. Rocket propellants are similar to gun propellants and are designed to burn uniformly and smoothly without detonation.

In the commercial sector, an increase in the number of projects for infrastructure development is expected to drive the blasting agents thereby paving the way for growth in the global explosives and propellants market. Thus, an increase in government infrastructure spending in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region and rising GDP is will increase the growth in the global explosive and propellants market.

Some of the players operating in the Explosives and Propellants market include Explosia, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Australian Munitions, Eurenco, General Dynamics, MAXAM Corp, Rheinmetall Defence, Olin, Forcit, Solar Group, Serbian defence industrial facilities, and NITRO-CHEM. These companies are increasingly focusing on research and development activities so as to gain competitive advantage. The players are also taking various strategic initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships so as to increase their presence in the global market.

Notes for Editors
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