‘Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market Will Exceed Over $13bn In 2016’ Says Visiongain Report

07 September 2016

Currently one of the fastest growing submarkets of the commercial vehicle sector is telematics. Within our report Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2016-2026 we have calculated that by the end of 2016 we expect that the market revenue will exceed $13 billion. For the past five years, the adoption rate of the CVT solutions was increasing by 2-3 percentage points annually. Due to the slow benefits realised by medium and small fleets, the adoption rate of commercial vehicle telematics will accelerate from this year onwards spreading from big to medium- and entry-level fleets.

Vehicle data holds momentous value for clients, as they are more and more willing to share their data, and at the same time to pay for connectivity features and services. Eventually, data will produce substantially more value for clients and other industry players. It will allow them to realise benefits in exchange for data sharing. The trends around telematics and connectivity will optimize driving time and will be driven by China and small fleets. Commercial vehicle will become an environment that lets users potentially perform and enjoy other activities, not only driving. It might also transform commercial vehicle into a ‘control point’ and expand the potential of attracting new customers and retaining them. All these opportunities will be shaped by business and technological-related decisions made in the upcoming 3 to 5 years.

Our report analyses the opportunities that the commercial vehicle telematics market is offering but also the restraints that it will face in order to develop a competitive business strategy. Our report suggests that the commercial vehicle telematics market will register strong growth. It examines in detail the market by region, by end use sectors, and as a whole. The report provides a thorough overview of the market to identify key growth areas and business opportunities to exploit.

The visiongain author of the 174 page Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2016-2026: Top Companies & Connectivity Solutions For Fleet Management, Logistics, Tracking, Routing & Navigation For Fuel Efficiency, Driver Monitoring, Safety, Diagnostics & Predictive Analytics commented that:

“We see two phases in terms of transformation of industry dynamics. First, between these now and around 2020, the industry players will compete in this market in order to build technologically advanced capabilities such as human-machine interface, ‘big data’ analytics, service setup and others, as well as striking commercial and technological partnerships. Second, after 2020, the probable impact of the new trends, coupled with the emergence of autonomous driving, will become more and more transformative. All players along the value chain will need to be ready to question their premises of value creation within the commercial vehicle telematics realm.”

The 174-page report contains:

• 201 tables, charts and graphs analysing the CVT market • Overview of the CV telematics by connectivity and service provider type • Global CV telematics Market Forecast 2016 - 2026 and analysis of driver and restraints • Global Forecast of 7 individual CV telematics Submarkets by connectivity and service provider type covering the period 2016 – 2026 • Global Forecast of commercial vehicle sales and major trends for the 2016 – 2026 • Global CV Shipments with telematics Forecast and analysis for the 2016 – 2026 • Forecast of the global penetration of Automotive CV telematics for the 2016 – 2026 • Analysis of the CVT technologies which are expected to become mandatory in major regions • CV telematics Forecast and analysis of the 12 leading National Markets for the 2016-2026. In greater detail, we provide: • The Status of the Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in 2014-2015 including: o The most notable developments in telematics for Commercial Vehicles o Overview of the M&A within the Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market o Examination of the Commercial Vehicles Market during 2005-2015; • Segmentation of the Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market into 2 types submarkets: o By Type of Connectivity into Embedded, Integrated and Tethered Solutions o By Service Provider into OEM Hardware, Aftermarket Hardware, Telematics Services, and Connectivity Services submarkets; • Market Value Forecast of the global Commercial Vehicles Telematics market (revenues $bn) throughout 2016 to 2026 coupled with: o Analysis of the micro, macro and regulatory drivers of growth in the market; o Identification of the restraints & the challenges that the market faces until 2026; • Market Value ($bn) Forecast 2016-2026 of the two Submarkets along with: o Individual examination of drivers and restraints of each secondary submarkets o Allocation of Submarket shares in the global Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market for 2016, 2021, and 2026 respectively; • Market Value Forecast ($bn) of the Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market in the 12 leading National Markets: United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China, Japan, India, South Korea and Russia; • Forecast for Sales of Commercial Vehicles during 2016 to 2026 allocation of regional market shares in sales of CV for 2016, 2021, and 2026; • Forecast of Smartphone and Tablet shipments 2016-2026 to support the growth of telematics in Commercial Vehicles; • SWOT analysis of each one of the individual Commercial Vehicle Telematics Submarkets; • Profiles of the leading companies within the Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market comprising 12 Leading Aftermarket Telematics Providers & and 4 leading OEM Telematics Providers for commercial Fleets: o Analysis of their role in the CVT market and overview of their portfolio (up-to-date) with regards to telematics hardware o Company financials (Group Revenues, Profits) and o Assessment of their Subscription revenue and number of telematics subscribers (where available); • Conclusions;

The Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2016-2026: Top Companies & Connectivity Solutions For Fleet Management, Logistics, Tracking, Routing & Navigation For Fuel Efficiency, Driver Monitoring, Safety, Diagnostics & Predictive Analytics report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the automotive industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the automotive CVT market.

For sample pages and further information concerning the visiongain report Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2016-2026: Top Companies & Connectivity Solutions For Fleet Management, Logistics, Tracking, Routing & Navigation For Fuel Efficiency, Driver Monitoring, Safety, Diagnostics & Predictive Analytics please visit http://www.visiongain.com/Sector/200/Automotive

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