Although the Brazilian pharmaceutical market will contract in 2016, it will expand in the years to come and be worth $31.1bn in 2020, according to new visiongain data

03 September 2016

A report by visiongain, published in September 2016, forecasts that the overall value of the Brazilian pharmaceutical market will reach $31.1 billion in 2020, rising further to 2026. Despite an economic recession and the devaluation of the Brazilian Real against the dollar, a significant level of revenue growth will return to the Brazilian market in coming years, and the rate of growth will be faster than in many developed countries.

That revenue prediction and others appear in Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2016-2026: Revenue Forecasting of Originator, Generic and OTC Medicines and Therapy Areas Including CNS, Cardiovascular and Cancer; Exploration of Regional Differences in Healthcare; Discussion of Domestic Manufacturers Including EMS, Hypermarcas and Aché, and International Drug Companies Including Sanofi, Novartis and Roche.

Visiongain is a business information publisher and consultancy in London, UK. Its purpose is to help organisations explore commercial prospects of industries and markets in healthcare and other fields.

The updated study analyses events, prospects and sales opportunities shaping the development, production and marketing of drugs in Brazil. The analysis shows multilevel revenue forecasting and qualitative assessments. The work also explores the activities of leading companies providing those medicines, assessing their potentials.

Visiongain’s survey predicts that the pharmaceutical market in Brazil will continue its expansion well into the 2020s, but at lower growth rates than in the 2000s. Growth is being driven by a range of factors including a booming generic drugs market, an underlying shift towards chronic diseases, growing affluence, and a government which aims to increase the population’s access to drugs by making numerous technology transfer deals with multinational companies.

Alastair McDougall, a pharmaceutical industry analyst in visiongain, said: “With a rising population and abundant natural resources, Brazil has a lot of potential for growth. But its economic success in the first decade of the 21st century has faltered in recent years, as evidenced by the current recession and ongoing political instability. The pharmaceutical sector has escaped much of the economic turbulence, although the political situation has undermined confidence in long-term investment. The economy is expected to escape from recession in the next year or two, when prospects for growth are due to recover. In the longer term, the outlook for pharmaceutical companies remains buoyant.”

Visiongain’s new investigation shows revenue predictions at overall national level, drug segment level and by therapeutic area. That report’s main analysis gives revenue forecasts to 2026 for three drug categories at national level:

• Originator drugs • Generic drugs • OTC drugs

The study also shows revenue predictions to 2026 for 5 therapy areas:

• Central nervous system (CNS) • Cardiovascular • Gastrointestinal and metabolic • Oncology – cancer treatment • Infectious diseases.

Visiongain’s new survey examines leading domestic pharmaceutical companies. The work discusses mergers and acquisitions, technology transfer agreements and R&D, as well as revenues in 2015 for ten leading organisations:

• EMS • Hypermarcas • Medley • Eurofarma • Aché • Cristália • Teuto • Libbs • Biolab • União Química.

That report also examines leading multinational drug companies operating in Brazil. The work discusses mergers and acquisitions, technology transfer agreements and R&D, as well as revenues in 2015 for ten leading companies:

• Novartis • Sanofi • Roche • Merck & Co. • Pfizer • Takeda • Bayer • GlaxoSmithKline • Boehringer Ingelheim • AstraZeneca.

Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2016-2026 adds to visiongain’s reports on industries and markets in healthcare. That portfolio covers pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and outsourced services. Each year new and updated studies appear.

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