Parkinson’s Diseases: World Drug Industry and Market 2016-2026

This report covers the overall world market, its segments and leading national revenues for Parkinson’s disease therapeutics. The five leading sub-classes of Parkinson’s therapies are examined: dopaminergic agents, dopamine receptor agonists, COMT- and MAO-inhibitors and other therapeutic options. Within the report the opportunities and challenges facing the market are examined, along with a number of influential commercial trends. This report also covers ongoing Parkinson’s disease research and pipeline medications looking to gain market access within the coming decade, including a number of next-generation disease modifying therapies. In order to gain a better perspective on the Parkinson’s disease market the leading national markets will be analysed, national revenue forecasts up to 2026 included.

“The Parkinson’s disease market holds much potential. An increase in prevalence and an unprecedented elder population provides the market room to grow and a consistent consumer base. The advent of generic alternatives has brought with it the final years of the current generation of blockbuster Parkinson’s disease medications, as a reduction in healthcare spending in key markets continues to drive generic growth.

Ultimately, the current generation of Parkinson’s disease pharmaceuticals designed to help relieve symptoms is coming to an end. Within the next decade, the advent of disease modifying therapies will reshape the Parkinson’s disease industry. Overall the Parkinson’s disease market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 1% from 2015-2026.”

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Parkinson’s Diseases: World Drug Industry and Market 2016-2026

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