Visiongain Publishes Batten Disease Treatment Market Report to 2031

22 February 2021

Visiongain has published a new report on Batten Disease Treatment Market Report to 2031. Profiles of Leading Batten Disease Treatment Market players, Regional and Leading National Market Analysis. PLUS COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios.

Global Batten Disease Treatment Market Report Market was valued at US$XXX billion in 2021 and is projected to reach at a market value of US$XXX billion by 2031. The global Batten Disease Treatment market has been growing considerably owing to the rising incidence and prevalence rate of batten disease, technological advancement, and significant investment in the R&D process. Further, the growing clinical trials and increasing pipeline products coupled with the rising investment in R&D will create significant scope for the global Batten Disease Treatment market. However, the high cost of Batten Disease Treatment and lack of awareness in emerging economies such as China, India and Korea will affect the growth of the market.

COVID-19 Impact on the Global Batten Disease Treatment Market
The global Batten Disease Treatment market has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused turbulence in the global economy due to the series of lockdowns and stern social distancing measures. Initially, the COVID-19 was emerged in Wuhan city of China, in December 2019. Within few months it reached to more than 200 countries. According to worldometers, over 51.9 million cases of COVID-19 were registered till 11thNovember 2020, around the globe with over 1.28 million fatalities.

Market Drivers
Rising incidence and prevalence of Batten Disease
Batten Disease Treatment are increasingly adopted around the globe owing to the growing incidence and prevalence rate of batten disease around the globe. For instance, around 4 out of every 100,000 children in the US suffers from the batten disease. NCL (Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis) diseases are rare but the incidence and prevalence rate of this type of batten disease is rising. The childhood onset variants of this disease are the most common neurodegenerative disorders that can affect more than one person in families that carry the defective genes.

Disposable income is increasing in emerging economies
Emerging economies such as Korea, Thailand, India, and China are on a roll in gaining traction owing to the growing disposable income and cohesive government regulations. The rising disposable income opened new opportunities for Batten Disease Treatment market players. The demand for the expensive treatment and products is increasing in these emerging economies. Batten Disease Treatmentis expensive that affects the price sensitive economies, however, with the increasing disposable income and improving healthcare system the global Batten Disease Treatment will get benefitted.

Market Opportunities

Cohesive government policies
Healthcare system is getting huge support from the governments around the globe. Cohesive policies and government support boosted the healthcare system of the world. For instance, the US spends over $10,000 per individual, which is the highest healthcare spending across the world. Other developed economies such as the UK, Germany, Canada, among others, injects significant amount of money in the healthcare system. Even the emerging economies including China, Korea, India, Korea, and Thailand are also increasing their healthcare spending.

Significant contribution from the market players
Batten Disease Treatment market players ReGenX Biosciences LLC, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Amicus Therapeutics, Abeona Therapeutics, Polaryx Therapeuticsare contributing significantly through investment in R&D, partnership, collaboration, among others to develop innovative drugs and treatment solutions in near future.

Significant funding in fight against the Batten Disease
Various government and non-profit organizations are moving from pillar to post to contribute to fight against the batten disease. For instance, BBDF (Beyond Batten Disease Foundations) have partnered with various Batten disease non-profits, research institutes, government advisories, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory experts, and other batten disease treatment market players in bid to fight against all neurodegenerative diseases. BBDF has so far received an overwhelming grant of over $100,000 to develop innovative treatment for Batten disease. BBDF work closely with other organizations such as BDSRA, NCL Foundation, Batten Disease Family Association, Contact Punt NCL, Hope for Bridget, Noah’s Hope, the European Task force on Brain and Neurodegenerative Lysosomal Storage Diseases.

Competitive Landscape

Visiongain report covers detailed competitive landscape which includes overview of key players operating, extensive product portfolios, recent developments, among others. Some of the company’s profiled in this report include ReGenX Biosciences LLC, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Seneb BioSciences, Inc., Amicus Therapeutics, Abeona Therapeutics, Polaryx Therapeutics, Theranexus, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, StemCells, Inc., Antech Diagnostics, Neurogene Inc., Celgene Corp, Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp, among others. The global Batten Disease Treatment market players adopt various strategies to cater the available opportunities in the market. Rising investment in R&D, regular product launches, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, new product developments, and so on, are the key strategies adopted by the market players. For instance, on 12th December 2020, Theranexus and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation (BBDF) signed the partnership contract of the worldwide exclusive license for Batten disease drug candidate BBDF-101

Notes for Editors
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