‘Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (Adas0 Marekt Will Account For Over $24.9 Billion In 2016’ Says Visiongain Report

10 September 2016

Vehicle safety has become one of the main regulatory topics of automotive associations, for public and government institutions but also traffic control centres. The latest Euro NCAPs reviews pre suppose that the 5 star ratings will be issued only for vehicles that implement highly advanced ADAS systems.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are currently one of the most promising segments of the automotive industry in terms of revenues and unit sales. Within our report we expect that the ADAS market revenue will reach $24.9 billion in 2016. For the past five years, the adoption rate of ADAS features has been increasing by 2-3 percentage points annually. This is due to the slow adoption curve. However, the adoption rate of ADAS features will accelerate from this year onwards spreading from luxury car segments to medium- and entry-level cars.

Our report analyses the opportunities that ADAS market is offering but also the restraints that it will face in order to develop competitive business strategy. The report reveals that the automotive ADAS market will register strong growth. It examines in detail the market by region, by end use sectors, and as a whole. The report provides a thorough overview of the market to identify key growth areas and business opportunities to exploit.

The visiongain author of the 267 page Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market Report 2016-2026: Forecasts & Analysis of the Evolution Towards Autonomous, Self-Driving & Driverless Cars commented that:

“ADAS technologies bring high levels of safety and driver satisfaction and, as the technology matures, it will guide the market progressively towards autonomous and driverless cars. Fully capturing the benefits of the ADAS market momentum will entail a drastic re-evaluation of the existing approaches, predominantly towards explaining the value to the end-users and making sure that it is brought in line with the regional and customer-segment specific demands. OEMs and component suppliers that are able to meet these sophisticated requirements will best position themselves to profit from the ADAS trend towards autonomous and driverless cars. Companies that make a move now, while the market is still in its dawn period, may rise as the frontrunners.”

The 267-page report contains: • Full transcript of 2 exclusive Visiongain interviews with key opinion-leaders in the market - TomTom - Tech Mahindra • Overview of the Automotive ADAS technologies by End-User Application and ADAS Sensors • Global Automotive ADAS Market Forecast 2016-2026 and analysis of drivers and restraints - Global Car Shipments with ADAS Forecast and analysis for 2016-2026 • Analysis of the Status of 5 Automotive ADAS Sensors in 2016 comprising: Sales volume (Million Units) forecast from 2016-2026 of ADAS Sensors by Sensor Type: - Radar - Infrared - Camera - Lidar - Ultrasonic - Overview of the ADAS Sensors utilised in each one of the ADAS End-User Application; • Global Forecast of 14 individual ADAS Submarkets by End-User Application and its penetration covering the period 2016 – 2026 - Market Value ($bn) of each one of the 14 individual ADAS Submarkets Applications - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) - Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) - Adaptive Front Lights (AFL) - Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) - Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) - Forward Collision Warning (FCW) - Heads-Up Display (HUD) - Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) - Lane Departure Warning (LDW) - Night Vision System (NVS) - Parking Assistance (PA) - Pedestrian Detection System (PDS) - Road Sign Recognition (RSR) - Surround View Cameras (SVC) • Analysis of the ADAS technologies which are expected to become mandatory in North America and Asia • Automotive ADAS Forecast and analysis of the 18 leading National Markets for 2016-2026. • SWOT analysis of the major strengths and weaknesses of the ADAS market, together with the opportunities available and the key threats faced. • Profiles and detailed analysis of 36 leading companies (22 Aftermarket suppliers and 14 OEMs) within the Automotive ADAS market for 2016 comprising: - Analysis of their role in the Automotive ADAS market including the analysis of the performance of the segment responsible for the ADAS coupled with sales figures for sensors (where available); - Overview of their Automotive ADAS portfolio up-to-date segmented into ADAS End-User Applications and ADAS sensors; - Company financials (Group Revenues, Profits) and segmentation by Product or Business Segment; • Conclusions & recommendations

The Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market Report 2016-2026 : Forecasts & Analysis of the Evolution Towards Autonomous, Self-Driving & Driverless Cars report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the automotive industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the automotive ADAS market.

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