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Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS): How the Automotive Industry Envisages An Accident Free Future Utilising Active Safety Systems

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS): How the Automotive Industry Envisages An Accident Free Future Utilising Active Safety Systems

Sponsored by: visiongain

Product code: WPAUT0001

  • Publication date: 10/07/2015
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ADAS Overview
Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a term increasingly used in the automotive market and is the next big revolution in road transportation. Automakers have developed advanced technology systems designed to significantly assist drivers within the vehicle– enhancing safety and improving the driving experience.

Initially ADAS systems, because of their cost were primarily being introduced on mid to premium models. However, with the economies of scale, in 2015, even budget models such as Ford’s Fiesta, or the VW Golf feature some ADAS systems.

As ADAS features increasingly trickle down to become a standard feature on all new models, ever more technologically impressive systems will come into place, such as interactive windscreens highlighting Points of Interest (as featured in the BMW i8). Known as Head-Up Display (HUD), this is one of many “Active Safety” tools which drivers will adopt into their driving experience in the future.

How will the ADAS white paper benefit you?
• Discover the context and background to why ADAS technologies are being developed
• Understand the main ADAS technologies- How do ADAS systems work? What are the benefits to consumers? How will they reduce road accidents?
• Learn which ADAS applications and features are flourishing. Find ADAS submarket share data
• See the ADAS technology roadmap to 2030 and beyond. Discover how it integrates to Vehicle to Everything (V2X) connectivity and the autonomous self-driving car
• Learn about the regulatory roadmap of government mandates
• View ADAS historical and forecast market data to 2025
• See who the leading ADAS technologies providers are and which major automotive OEMs are implementing ADAS features. What are the secondary benefits to industry?
• Find which ADAS regions are most promising See penetration rate predictions for the next decade
• Read Interviews with industry experts explaining the future prospects for ADAS technologies
• View details of our sponsored company’s specific ADAS products and technologies.

ADAS as the precursor to the autonomous self-driving car
The future of road transportation, an accident-free future with smart-connected vehicles will ultimately be with autonomous, self-driving vehicles; eliminating the human error which is currently responsible for 93% of accidents. Although fully autonomous-driving capabilities will not arrive before 2025, many pieces of the technology puzzle are already in place. ADAS technologies are the next step towards fully self-driving cars since they can automate day-to-day driving scenarios. Driver assistance will gradually give way to driver substitution; initially by controlling specific driving modes (such as highway driving or parking).

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