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Bespoke Reports

Visiongain Information Services - Bespoke, dedicated information for you

You have read the report. The information was very good. But you need more specific information, about a specific product, in your specific market.
Simply ask us your specific questions. We will deliver dedicated answers.

Visiongain is faster, more focused and more ambitious than any other information provider. You can see this in the scope of projects we undertake. Our aim is ambitious: to deliver all your business information needs.

Visiongain is one of the most respected information brands available today. Why that is, is very simple - we have the industry's leading analysts serving the leading industry players. Visiongain produce top-quality independent management reports - its our aim now to deliver to you bespoke reports dedicated to your specific wishes.

Delivering Our Solutions to your questions - We examine your specific problems, challenges and issues, then deliver to you the information, forecasts and analysis you require in 1 concise document, dedicated to you.

This information will be:


By delivering specific insights based on your business focus and requests, we can ensure you get the answers you want now.

Bespoke to you

This report will be tailored to your individual needs whilst utilising Visiongain's research techniques, financial and forecasting models.

Market and finance led

Your business decisions can be supported by Visiongain's timely market analysis, financial analysis and forecasts while all dedicated to you.


Visiongain is not attached to any other business. We are totally independent, and the information provided to you will be totally independent. We are not part of a larger publishing company, taking information from elsewhere and rehashing it for you. The information you will receive is primary and secondary information researched only for you.

Why you should choose us?

Visiongain has been in business since 1998. We have worked with 84% of Fortune 500 companies. We have worked with 92% of the FT100. You can have full confidence in our analysis because you have had full confidence in our reports. Our in-depth forecasting and financial models can be utilised exclusively for you.

Allow us to access the market network for you

Utilising our business contacts, our access to market through our independence, ensures you receive totally independent viewpoints from industry players who would not reveal information to others. Our proprietary analysis tools, as well as our dedicated researchers are there to answer your specific questions.

Flexibility and dedication

Visiongain produce high-quality analysis. By utilising Visiongain's proprietary analysis consulting tools built up over the last 15 years, allows us answer your difficult challenges quickly, effectively and within your budget. By allowing us to answer your questions it frees up your time to prepare to put the answers into practice.

Our experience with yours

Our management team, as well as our extensive industry experience of technical, strategic, commercial, marketing and finance, ensures that the answers you receive are structured correctly for actual business operations. Our team will listen to your questions, they will make sure they understand them fully and then they will deliver the answers you require. Our team are there to work for yours.

You, our client

Visiongain works with its clients to help them answer their current complex difficulties. We do not aim to be working with you for the long-term. You will not see your 'consultancy' costs spiral out of control, with no end in sight. If you have questions you need answering, you want them answered quickly and with high, in-depth quality. You have a fixed budget, and a fixed timeframe. You then want to be able to put this analysis into practice. Then Visiongain's bespoke consultancy is for you.

Who we work with

Our clients benefit from our independence, expert opinion and clear analysis allowing you to act now for the best results.

Our reach is global, our analysis is global. So if you have a question thats global we can help you with it. If you have a question that is specific to a small part of the market, call us, we can help you.

Because of our adaptive, responsive methods, we can meet your requirements, every time.
No matter what size client, no matter what size you are, we can answer your requirements.

How it works

1) Contact us.
You may have bought one of our reports on a topic of great interest to you. The report probably helped you, certain parts were of great interest, it answered a lot of your questions. But you need a little bit more. You need to know about a certain product in your market, in your country. So call us, we can help.
2) We will have one of our team contact you and clarify exactly what you need, and how we can help.
Our team will fine-tune exactly what you want - your primary concerns, and what you expect delivered to you.
3) We work to your budgets and time constraints.
We know that consultancy projects can drag on. That's how many consultancies make their money. But with Visiongain we will delivery what you want in the timeframe you want. If you need the report by next week, then that's when you will get it. All costs are fixed and agreed up front. You will have told us what you want, we will tell you how long it will take and how much it will cost. The only thing that will come as a surprise to you is the quality of the work.
4) We then do the work
Depending on how quickly you want the report we will allocate a number of our team to put together the analysis for you. Our analysts are some of the best in the industry and are there to answer any questions you require.
5) We deliver the work to you.
It really is that simple. We do the work so you don't have to. In one easy-to-read, digestible document, you will receive your bespoke consultancy and report direct to your desk.

Visiongain have the best people to do the best job for you.

Please contact us at

Sara Peerun
Commercial Director
Email: sara.peerun@visiongainglobal.com
Tel: +44 (0) 207 336 6100

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