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Visiongain automotive reports are compiled using a broad and rich mixture of both primary and secondary information to produce an overall industry outlook. In order to provide our clients with the best product possible product, we do not rely on any one single source of information. Visiongain analysts not only interview market-leading vendors and automotive industry experts but also review a wealth of financial data and product information from a vast range of sources.

Secondary research - sources
Secondary research is performed by analysing a multitude of sources. Analysts gather meaningful data about the current automotive market situations, competitive positioning and new innovations that are shaping the automotive landscape through a broad and rich mixture of both primary and secondary research to produce comprehensive and timely reports. Examples include:
• Company annual reports
• Contract announcements
• Information from company websites
• News reports
• SEC filings
• Sales data
• Conference presentations
• Industry journals
• Interviews with key industry figures
• Online and in-house databases
• Statistical publications e.g.
• Motoring Intelligence

Primary research
Primary research is obtained from leading automotive companies and other key industry experts within the automotive sector in question covering a broad range of issues from detailed contract information and technical insight to what economic factors are driving the sector and expected sales growth rates.

The insight from the company interviews and other industry experts is used to help form a clear view of the key issues within the automotive sector and provide insight into how the market is likely to grow globally, regionally and within which specific subsector or technology. The company interviews therefore underpin and inform our analysis and forecasting giving authority to our conclusions and market outlook.

Current market sizes are established by analysing a multitude of sources using the bottom-up approach. Regional and national market size data and company market share data are also derived from a similar analysis process. This mass of information from the secondary sources and sales data analysis are then combined with primary research insight from the company and expert interviews to develop the expected growth rate forecasts on a year by year basis.

Drivers and restraints in the global, regional and national markets and submarkets are then used to develop market forecasts for each of the regional markets over a 10 year horizon and a global market forecast is thus formed. Generally we aim to measure the main geographic regions or ten leading national markets, depending on a number of factors including how fragmented or consolidated the global market is and also whether the market can easily be demarcated according to country borders. Visiongain believes this diverse approach, reinforced with the views of industry specialists and experts, produces an accurate and objective sectoral and regional analysis and provides a sounds basis for calculating market sizes and forecasting.

The entire body of secondary and primary research is then blended together to produce a cohesive research report which, due to its breadth of sources, produces an accurate, thorough and analytical overview of the automotive sector in question.

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