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Visiongain Publishes 3D Cell Culture Market Report to 2031

09 March 2021

Visiongain has published a new report on 3D Cell Culture Market Report to 2031: Forecasts by By Type (Scaffold-Based 3D Cell Culture, Hydrogels/ECM Analogs, Solid Scaffolds, Micropatterned Surfaces, Scaffold-Free 3D Cell Culture, Low-Adhesion Microplates, Hanging Drop Plates, 3D Bioreactors, and 3D Petri Dishes) By Application (Cancer & Stem Cell Research, Drug Discovery and Toxicology Testing, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine) PLUS COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios.

Global 3D Cell Culture market size is projected to reach US$ XX Million in 2021 and is expected to display strong revenue growth through to 2031.

COVID-19 Impact on 3D Cell Culture Market
COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than 200 countries worldwide. The pandemic has negatively impacted all the economies and industries. Similarly, the global 3D Cell Culture market is estimated to take a hit. The target industry is now facing challenges to manage the interrupted demand and supply of 3D cell culture components. Also, unpredictable and disturbing supply chain activities and the unavailability of human resources are anticipated to impact the target industry growth. In contrast, the rising research & development activities for developing novel treatments against COVID-19 is creating a lucrative opportunity for the companies. Research related to stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine has revealed favorable results against COVID-19, therefore, it is anticipated to reimburse for the negative impact affected by lockdowns worldwide. Hence, the overall COVID-19 impact is expected to continue to moderate for the global key players operating in the industry.

Market Drivers

Increasing Incidence of Chronic Diseases
Rising incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis disorder, and multiple cancer are expected to be major driving factors for the growth of the 3D Cell Culture market during the forecast period. According to Cancer Australia estimates, around 1,405 new cases of brain cancer are expected in 2017. Furthermore, as per the World Health Organization (WHO), the common reason for death is cardiovascular diseases (CVD) across the world. Also, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 1.70 million people die from a chronic disease every year in the USA. Although chronic diseases are the major reason for death for men and women alike because women face unique health issues. Around 37% of women suffer from chronic diseases, compared to 30% of men. Moreover, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, by 2050, around 130 million people are expected to suffer from osteoarthritis worldwide. Thereby, the rising high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic disorders demands proper treatment management to maximize patient outcomes. In turn, it is projected to attain substantial growth for the 3D Cell Culture market in the given time frame.

Availability of Funding for Research
Rising research & development activities and funding from government and numerous public-private organizations in stem cell studies are eventually contributing to the 3D Cell Culture market growth. The rising government initiatives in emerging economies, the existence of a huge number of drug product pipelines, and its therapeutic applications are the crucial factors fueling the demand for 3D cell culture, hence, aiding the target industry growth.

Market Opportunities

Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy
3D cell culture is anticipated to play a significant role in regenerative drugs, primarily by aiding to test stem cell-derived treatments. This is still largely indeterminate, however, it is intended to play out like the analysis of biologics throughout development. The information gained through these analyses of biologics and its research applications will notify and or else prepare the 3D field for the therapeutic applications to come later. 3D cell culture has extensively been used by researchers, and this trend is likely to remain the same in the research field and ultimately tie with therapeutic applications.

There is noteworthy work ahead in characterizing and analyzing these processes. The positive side of the target industry is that this research is useful in many aspects similar to the analysis of biologics in development where 3D technology is applied at the very beginning. The industry will be a fascinating area to watch shortly.

Competitive Landscape
Key players operating in the global 3D Cell Culture market are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Merck, Reprocell, Emulate, Insphero, Lonza AG, Global Cell Solutions, 3D Biotek, Hamilton, and Kuraray.

The key players have adopted new product development, product launches, product approval, agreement, partnerships, and merger as its key business development strategies to tap into the global 3D Cell Culture market. For instance, on 12th June 2020, faCellitate announced the launch of BIOFLOAT product to improve 3D cell culture.

Notes for Editors
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